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Welcome to our site, specializing in "Hand Held" Large Surface INDUSTRIAL"DEEP"Cleaning/Polishing/Surface Texturing Machines for "Surface Restoration & Maintenance Solutions" primarily for the Commercial Aircraft Industry but also, for any "Large Surface " concerns, in many other industries.

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SPEC™ Machines Industrial "DRUM" type polishers in use.

Note the SAFE "REACH" of the SPEC™ Machines

Below is a great video of restoring the Leading edges on a Gulfstream G-IV using "SPEC™ DRUM" type polishing machines. This clip is courtesy of SKYWAVE Polishing.

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SPEC Distribution International Inc. is the Designer & Manufacturer of SPEC™ Machines. Specialized "Hand Held", INDUSTRIAL "LARGE SURFACE" "DEEP" Cleaning/Polishing/Surface Texturing Equipment (since 1996)

Specializing in supplying the Commercial Aviation Industry with Methods & Techniques for Exterior "DEEP" Cleaning & Polishing (since 1989).

See the specifications on the Large SPEC™ Machines Click HERE!

For smaller areas and pieces that the big SPEC™ units are just too big for, we have the:


An extremely versatile "MINI" DRUM TYPE Polisher with an "inflatable" drum & easy to change, multiple accessories.

(Scroll down the page to get more technical info on this tool)

Large aircraft exterior "DEEP Cleaning/Polishing" truly needs to be recognized as a safe, reliable, cost efficient and dependable method of keeping the EXTERIOR of commercial aircraft clean & smooth by using simple, standardized methods, equipment & techniques. There are many benefits, with the most immediate being, a very clean, sharp looking aircraft, (enhancing corporate image), increased exterior surface longevity, decreased exterior corrosion / erosion & most important of all, notable, improved fuel efficiency & fuel savings (see WHITE paper below). A PROPER "DEEP" clean, done at least annually, will drastically reduce the labor time & frequency of any subsequent routine exterior "washing". There will also be reductions in the amounts & concentration levels of surface cleaning agents. All this provides for extremely quick "return to service". As well, there's the added advantage of reducing your "Carbon Footprint".

To read more on this subject, and to find some very surprising discoveries, please click the link to view Lord Bart-Jan Mathot of Loch Leven & Glencoe's."White Paper"on Commercial Aircraft Cleaning".

When your done, please visit the AAAWA web site. (The link is provided at the end of his paper.)

It should be clear, no matter which products you choose to put on, take off, or apply to, in order to "Deep Clean/Polish the exterior of aircraft, trucks & truck trailers, trains, boats or any large surface, the hand held SPEC™ Machines Industrial Polishing/Cleaning machines are the BEST choice for rapidly, safely and efficiently, accomplishing the job with unsurpassed & longest lasting results. The SPEC™ Machines are the LEAST aggressive, most effective and by far the MOSTPRODUCTIVE for polishing/restoring any large surface.

Below is proof positive for Fuel savings or Fuel efficiency by simply having your aircraft "Deep Cleaned/Polished, in a PROPER manner.

Below: Large surface Paint Polishing & "DEEP" Cleaning, using a SPEC Model "LA" large surface "DRUM" type polisher, on the underside of an Airbus® A330-300 Horizontal Stabilizer and on the fuselage, using a SPEC Model "SA" with an "SH2X Extension Handle" attached.

Paint "Rejuvenation" on an Airbus A340

Below: Polishing/DEEP Cleaning with a SPEC Model "LA"

Below: Polishing Directly OVER the red Maple Leaf "Sticker" using a SPEC™ Model "LA" "DRUM" type polishing machine. Note paint difference.

Above: Paint Deep Cleaning/Polishing with a SPEC™ Model "SA" using two (2) Extension Handles, (part# SH2X 2ft (61cm) provides a LONG & SAFE, reach capability. A 6ft (1.8m) extension is also available, (part# SH6X) TO BE USED WITH THE SPEC™ MODEL "SA" ONLY.

Click HERE to see a short interesting video.

Above:"TripleO" in England, apply and Buff their proprietary "NANO Tech Coating"

Using a SPEC Model "LA" with the new "S" type Synthetic Blend Pads.(See PAGE 6 for more detail)
Below:ESSO™ Fuel Carrier in Malayasia

There are many more, Before, During & After pictures of aircraft, boats, cars, trucks and even trains being Polished & Deep Cleaned, on the other pages of this site. Continue to the bottom of this page and browse around. Any comments or suggestions? Feel free to let us know. Our eMail is at the bottom of each page.
Francois Bougie's stunning 1946, all aluminum Globe "SWIFT" CF-HKV Polished using SPEC™ Machines (Photo by Mr. Nick Wolochatiuk) (To hear Francois's SWIFT in a low pass, click on the player below.CHECK your volume level BEFORE you do!)

Welcome to the INDUSTRIAL "LARGE SURFACE" polishing & cleaning, homepage.

Within the following pages, you will find a great deal of information, primarily regarding certified, aircraft polishing products / cleaners, "large surface" "DEEP" Cleaning / polishing & buffing techniques and specialized aircraft polishing tools & equipment, (DRUM type polishing & buffing machines). You may also find this information useful for the restoration & polishing of many types of surfaces, including cars, trucks & boats. Please feel free to make use of the information within, but remember where it came from, when you do. There are lots of pictures on this site, so some of you may wait awhile for the pages to load. I hope you find the wait worthwhile.

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Paul Embury - President SPEC Distribution International Inc.

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"PROPER "AIRCRAFT EXTERIOR POLISHING & "DEEP" CLEANING (also cars,trucks,boats & even trains) Any LARGE surface that needs serious re-conditioning or simply, a little bit of T.L.C.

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Our #1 commitment? The CUSTOMER. Our function is to work with our customers, to implement more efficient methods & products and help them adapt, work within, compliment or enhance their current methods in the field of surface conditioning. We are constantly researching new, advanced products, equipment and methods, that we believe, will be beneficial for our customers. We will endeavor to procure, promote, support & make these items available, at a fair market price.

B) Our #2 commitment? Our SUPPLIERS. Our function is to represent, promote and service the products we represent in a professional and efficient manner. We also feel it is our responsibility to assess the competition and advise our suppliers where we think we can best improve and position our products. It is imperative, that we are able to work in harmony with our suppliers, in order to supply & service our clients, with the highest level of service, quality & versatility of product available.

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