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Aircraft-Pneumatic De-Ice Boot

Simple, Safe & Easy to Apply. Dries QUICKLY. Simple, two part system
Cures on the Rubber De-Ice Boot surface, providing an
effective,Tough, Durable, FLEXIBLE & CLEAR, protective film.
Helps prevent "Drying Out" of the rubber.
Enhances the effectiveness of any, conventional Aircraft
Rubber De-Ice Boot System
"BOOT GUARD" will leave the rubber surface, extremely
smooth & less porous, preventing water from
"sticking" & "seeding" the surface for ice buildup.
Has NO adverse affect on Paint,
Composite or Aluminium surfaces.
Will not alter the shape, or deter the performance, of any
standard pneumatic rubber De-Ice Boot, during deployment.
Will last for many system cycles.

Contact us to receive a sample

(Put "SPEC BOOT GUARD" in the subject line)

For pricing, more information or to place an order, e-mail to:
Spec Distribution International Inc.

(Please put: Information Request, in the subject line. It helps weed out the TONS of spam we get.)
or telephone 001 (450) 458-2304 (Eastern Standard North American Time)

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