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SPEC™ Machines Industrial Speciality Aircraft Surface Polishing Tools

Smaller, lighter, more manouverable, MORE POWER & MORE TORQUE than the previous SPEC™ 1300 "Detailer"

The SPEC™ Model 1300B Series II "DETAILER" is a powerful, versatile "MINI" DRUM type polisher with a unique, easily removeable & "inflatable" rubber drum, for use on smaller parts & areas. Perfect for use where the large SPEC™ Machines are simply "too big" to use. EXTREMELY VERSATILE. Easy to convert to many configurations using several readily available "off the shelf / standard" accessories.

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The SPEC Machine™ hand held pneumatic SERIES II "Detailer" is the perfect polishing tool for work in areas the larger pneumatic drum type polishers can't get into. The air inflated drum, eliminates "edge cutting", "swirl" & "polishing" marks, creating a flawless finish. Best of all, it uses the same high quality pads the 5 inch "Drum" polishers use, but in a 4"W size, (SPEC54C (Cotton) or SPEC54Y (Yellow) Synthetic BLEND. As an added bonus, the inflatable drum can be easily removed and replaced with any standard 6 or 8" cotton polishing wheelwith a 5/8 or 1/2 center, (you can "stack" up to 2 or 3 wheels, depending on type). This gives unrivaled versatility and most importantly, the SPEC Machine™ "Detailer" SERIES II produces high torque, at low RPM, allowing increased productivity and results. Important to note: Similar units, available on the market, operate in the 3000 - 6000 RPM range and at lower torque outputs. The SPEC™ "1300B Series II "DETAILER" operates @2600 rpm MAXwith higher torque output. This allows for, less stress on the polishing pads and parts, and provides more forgiving and exacting operator control.

The SPEC Model 1300B SERIES II "DETAILER" is the perfect tool for engine inlet, vertical stab, brightwork, surface "repair" and final "spot" polishing operations.

Improvements on the SPEC1300B SERIES II are:

Picture below, shows the type of finish that can be obtained on a portion of a Bombardier "CRJ" engine inlet "nosering" with a SPEC Machines™ "DETAILER"

Above left, shown in the"Polishing Wheel" configuration Above right, shown in the "Drum" configuration w/ SPEC53C (cotton) pads. (For information on the "Polishing / Buffing Pads, please see our page on Polishing / Buffing Pads here)


Above (Left to Right) are the SPEC54C "Cotton", and the SPEC54Y (Yellow) "Synthetic blend" pads

Above shows the 1300B with all the pads and some of the available accessories.

The SPEC™ 1300B Series II "DETAILER" is now more versatile than ever, with 30% more torque and readily available "off the shelf / standard" accessories, (available from most industrial supply vendors).

This will allow for very rapid heavy oxidation & scratch removal, surface repair or "surface texturing" (depending on type choosen) on larger surfaces, (primarily bare metals). Affords incredible operator control of material removal in order to prepare the surface for quick "polishing" operations. Much quicker, less costly and far more productive than orbital sanding. Allows "texturing" and / or "polishing" ALONG THE GRAIN of the material. (For very large surfaces, please see the SPEC"SD" Drum for use with 8" wide "Combi Brush" or "Flapwheels "on the SPEC™ "SA" or "LA" Industrial polishing units page.

Standard, off the shelf "Combi Flapwheels" (with a 5/8 X 11 arbour) from various manufacturers fit right onto the SPEC™ 1300B SERIES II "DETAILER" (Changeover from DRUM configuration to COMBI FLAPWHEEL configuration in under 30 seconds)

This allows for real versality and improved productivity from the "High Torque - Low RPM" SPEC™ 1300B SERIES II "DETAILER"

Call or Contact us for details.

SPEC Machines™ Model 1300B Series II "DETAILER" Specifications

SPEC Machines™ Model 1300B Series II "DETAILER" BENEFITS

Below,are pictures of the SPEC "DETAILER" in the "Polishing Wheel" configuration,being used to remove salt water corosion on Alcan® XTRAL™ 738 Alloy on a bulk fuel tanker,(developed during shipping from China to Malaysia).In this configuration, the "DETAILER" is able to generate the "heat" required. The "polishing marks" from this operation are then removed with the "DETAILER" in the "DRUM" configuration or in this case,the SPEC™ "SA" Industrial polisher.

Above: Close up of Salt Water corrosion

Below: Corrosion being removed with the SPEC 1300B Series II "DETAILER" in the "Wheel" Configuration using one 6" Cotton Wheel & SPECAV-20 Cutting compound

The polishing marks from the wheels, seen above are quickly removed by the "DRUM", as seen below.

Above: Before & After - Corrosion removed, Required Finish obtained!.

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