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Plexiglas® Scratch Removal Kit

AVIATION CONSUMER Magazine reviews and compares the SCRATCH OFF "OPTICA 4" kit.

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This 9 piece, complete system, has taken years to develop and utilizes the finest compounds and polishing mediums created specifically to work on PLEXIGLAS®, Acrylics & Polycarbonates. Designed to work with a common drill, the kit comes with complete, detailed instructions to walk you through a step by step process to restore most, scratched, faded & hazed PLEXIGLAS® aircraft windows. It actually works on just about any non-porous surface. The highly researched technical components consist of: 1- Yellow VELCRO backed foam Compounding Pad, 1- White VELCRO backed foam Polishing pad, 1- VELCRO back up plate (fits all drills) and 4 grades of aircraft approved micro fine finishing compounds. The compound jars are numbered sequentially and color coded, Yellow label - yellow pad; White label - white pad. Very simple and extremely effective. The kit provides enough material for a Cessna 172 size Plexiglas area.. When one considers the cost of a new window installation, the SCRATCH OFF "OPTICA 4" kit is certainly worth it.

Here's a neat trick to find out if the kit will remove the "foggyness or hazeing" from your Plexiglas® The "OPTICA 4" kit was designed to remove surface scratches and damage to Plexiglas®, Lexan® etc. and to maintain these surfaces after repair. Sub surface damage is another matter. That being said, the "OPTICA 4" kit will, in most cases, remove "hazeing" or "foggyness" from Plexiglas® but it depends on how far the haze has propagated into the Plexiglas itself. The haze can be a simple case of surface abraision, (which is easy to repair) or in some cases, simply a sign of old age, (which can be virtually impossible to remedy. UV (ultra Violet) has started to alter the chemical state of the Plexi). There is a rather easy way to find out. Spit on the surface, wipe it around with your finger (yuk). If the plexi becomes clear you are O.K. to continue. If the plexi remains hazy you are probably wiser to replace it. Do this test on BOTH sides of the plexi to determine where the hazeyness is, or how deep it is.

Note, picture on left, scratch before. Then picture on right, after use of the Scratch Off™ Kit

Wet sand with 600 grit sandpaper - then apply the S0-1 Micro Cut compound - work with the yellow pad.

Follow with the S0-2 Micro Lite also with the yellow pad. - Finish, using the white pad and the S0-3 Micro Brite, then S0-4 Micro shine.
A few other valuable uses for the Scratch Off "Optica 4™" kit in Automotive and Marine applications

Todays cars now utilize plastic lenses in place of more durable glass. The problem is, they get hazy or foggy from consistant abrasion, (exactly like aircraft landing light and beacon covers), therefore not dispersing or focusing the light, as designed. This condition is not only annoying (and looks lousy too) but can be rather dangerous for the driver and for oncoming traffic. These lenses are also somewhat expensive to replace.

Scratch Off Optica 4™ to the rescue!

The marine industry uses PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) as a flexible window screen on many boats. They are in most cases, easily restorable, using the Scratch Off Optica 4™ kit.

AVIATION CONSUMER Article on the SCRATCH OFF™ kit. Comparison with similar products.

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Now also available: the SCRATCH OFF™ Optica 4 "DELUXE" or "FBO" Kit

The "DELUXE" or "FBO Kit"


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