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Please Note: The DEND™DEXTAIR Product is no longer available.

We are still working on a viable replacement product. As of Sept 09, 2016, we still have not found one.

When we do find one, it will be announced on the www.aircraftpolish.com website.


Canadian Agent for:


Certified Aircraft Cleaner
Without a doubt, the most unique, efficient, and cost effective Aircraft "Surface Cleaner" available to date. In among the hundreds of "super" cleaners, available in the aviation market, this product truly stands out from the others. For over 15 years, we have intentionaly stayed away from carrying and representing any liquid "cleaners & degreasers". They seem to be as common as dirt, manufactured by everybody and come with some pretty tall claims. We receive many products across our desk for testing and evaluation. Many of these clean extraordinarily well, in fact, so well, they start degrading the surface rather rapidly and often actually accelerate erosion & corrosion. These products are not typically "certified" even though, the manufacturers claim use by many major airlines, aircraft owners and manufacturers. We also get "environmentally friendly" citrus based products to try. They can be, indeed certified, and "user friendly", but unfortunately, are only able to remove the lightest of surface dirt using an excessive amount of labor. DEXTAIR, carries the best characteristics of all the above, along with the latest aviation certifications, making it safe to the aircraft and cleaning personnel, plus extremely efficient using the least amount of effort.

Above a heavily soiled ATR42, partially cleaned with "DEND DEXTAIR" (10 % concentration)

Above: Before & after of the DEXTAIR TM attacking the carbonized exhaust stains on an APU guard plate. (Note on video, how  the DEXTAIR TM begins dissolving the build-up on contact, then effortlessly hand wiped away to a complete finish. (Courtesy DEND® USA).

DEXTAIR TM goes to work on this brake dust encrusted wheel. In the video, note how quickly it begins to work. (Courtesy DEND® USA) Click here to see video.


DEND DEXTAIR™ has been specifically designed for rapid and safe cleaning of interior and exterior aircraft surfaces. DEXTAIR™ has been developed, through extensive research and trials, to clean thoroughly, effectively and safely, and not to leave any white residue, even when left unattended to dry on the surface. As a result of a built-in rinsing agent, DEND DEXTAIR™ will effectively reduce calcium deposits on the dried aircraft. A specially developed, proprietary wax emulsion, greatly inproves the "Rinse Out" characteristics, increases surface reflection and helps protects the surface from dirt absorbtion.The end results affords a cleaner surface, with an extended time, between necessary cleaning operations, (hence, less cleaning operations over an annual basis.) "DEND DEXTAIR™" conforms with all the stringent European Commission regulations, regarding the environment and Health & Safety. (Low alkalinity, pH <9.8, provides increased safety for people handling the detergent and is non damaging to the environment. DEXTAIR does NOT contain any Sodium, Silicates or Phosphates).

Main benefits:

RECOMMENDED FOR: Manual and machine cleaning of aircraft. DEXTAIR is also very effective as a cleaner for wheels and brakes. (For very heavily soiled & problem areas such as wheel wells etc., see DEXTAIR Gel, below)


Boeing D6/1487 revision N - Douglas CSD # 1 - AMS 1526B

If you wish to have a printable (ADOBE™ PDF file) copy of these material certifications, simply click on the one you want. You will need, at least, the ADOBE™ reader which is a free download. Just click on the ADOBE™ Icon at the bottom of this page. (See bottom of the page for M.S.D.S. (Material Saftey Data Sheet) PDF files)

Referenced in the Embraer Aircraft Manual for types ERJ145/ERJ140 and ERJ135 : page 203, table 20, ref. nr. 98005V5, indication 56-10-01

APPLICATION : DEND DEXTAIR can be applied on any surface by brush, spray or foam. It can be used with a water rinse or dry, with a cloth "wipe-off". DEXTAIR is also highly effective when used with automated cleaning equipment (ie: cleaning robots).

Results of DEXTAIR on Airbus A320 Underside and Tail


The DEND DEXTAIR GEL is chemicaly identical to the regular concentrate, but through the use of a thickening agent, is available in a "GEL" form. This slows the evaporation rate, allowing it to remain on the surface longer, to "break down" heavier soil.

DEND DEXTAIR GEL is a specially developed cleaning product, for heavily soiled aircraft surfaces, ie: underside surfaces, wheel wells, etc.
Boeing D6/1487 revision N, Douglas CSD # 1, AMS 1526B
APPLICATION: DEND DEXTAIR can be applied on any surface, by brush or spray. It can be left to soak on the aircraft for up to 1/2 hour (30 minutes) before being agitated with a brush and completely rinses with water. Leaves no white residue or streaks.

Close up of DEXTAIR Gel on 737 wheel well

Typical 737 wheel well area.

Some more DEND DEXTAIR™ at work pictures

An AIRBUS A330-300 Heavily soiled Flap Deploy Mechanisim cover. The DEXTAIR was used at a 10:1 medium strength solution. This assembly is aft of the engine so is subject to heavy soiling from spent exhaust.

A330-300 Gear Door Before (above) & After (below)

Close ups of A330-300 Gear Doors with DEXTAIR™ results (Mixed at 10:1 Medium strencth). Of importance to note, is these are CARBON FIBER parts, so cannot be exposed to solvent based products.

Printable M.S.D.S Copies

To download a printable (ADOBE™ PDF) copy of the M.S.D.S (Material Saftey Data Sheet) for the DEXTAIR™ Product, click on the link below.

DEXTAIR™ Interior - Exterior Aircraft Cleaner (Liquid & Gel) - M.S.D.S. (ADOBE PDF File)

If you need the ADOBE™ Reader simply click on the icon
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